Bali: 10 Photo-worthy Sites

Workers harvest leaves at Bukit Mende

My very first trip to Bali and here are 10 photo-worthy places to visit while you’re here! During my short 10 days on this amazing island, we also made a pit stop at Nusa Penida!

Video highlights from the trip HERE!

Travel period: 14 – 23 January 2018

Getting around: private driver ($600 for 8 days or 12hours++/day).

1. Marigold Fields

One of the rest huts at the Marigold Fields.

Bright orangey-yellow marigold blossoms dotted the fields and we simply had to ask to wander in and get up close to these stalks (though not featured here). Check out my video for it! These flowers are used in Balinese rituals and also as garnishes in food.

2. Lempuyang Temple


Entrance fee/ “donation”: 25,000idr/pax

Sarong rental: 10,000idr/pax (bring your own if you have)

The Lempuyang Temple (“Gates of Heaven”) complex is actually a huge network which in total requires up to 6hours round trip to visit all of them. However, these shots were only taken at the first temple that takes just <30min round trip.

Mount Agung erupted.

I took a time lapse of it, check it out in my video!

3. Ulun Danu Water Temple

Ulun Danu Temple

Entrance fee: 50,000idr

We went at night and there wasn’t much to see, but here’s a good spot for sunrise!

4. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

  • dscf6455
  • Enroute Tukad Cepung waterfall

Entrance fee for tourists: 10,000idr/pax (locals go free)

Best timing to go: 10am-12pm

The way to the waterfall was simple enough with adequate directive signage to guide us along – a couple of steep stairs, ankle deep water, and climbing over rocks were just parts of it.

5. Mount Batur (Sunrise hike)

Price: $50/person (includes a simple breakfast before the hike, transport from the breakfast area to the start of the hiking trail and back, snacks at the top of Batur, and a group guide)

A relatively easy hike (about 1.5-3h hike up), with great views of the surrounding region.

~6am sunrise view at the top! Funny thing is, our Mount Batur Hike driver (to the start of the trek) got lost in the morning, only depositing us at the trail at 4:30am.

Thank goodness we had Rinjani experience to make it up in 1.5h to snag a spot for sunrise with the monkeys!

Lookout for playful monkeys and stray dogs at the summit too, they’re thieving sneaks who’ll grab any chance to steal your warm breakfast.

Second breakfast (appeasement) with views of Mount Batur after our hike. In case you’re wondering, the tour operator for this particular Batur hike was Kharisma (advisable not to go with them at all, even for private hire drivers).

– Firstly, our designated driver got lost on the way to the start of the hiking trail, yes it was dark, and we had to tell him that he was going in the wrong direction (even though he insisted he was going the right way)! We realised something was wrong when the roads got all bumpy and narrow, with the swish of wild tall grasses scratching at either sides of the car… off the beaten track? Thank God for Google Maps that located us in the middle of a rice field… sigh
– Secondly, we booked a private guide service, but we had one guide that took 4 other people along as well which was not what had been agreed upon – lost in translation or dishonesty?

6. Pinggan Sunrise Spot

Pinggan sunrise spot

There was no sunrise when we came in January):

7. Bukit Mende

Workers harvest leaves at Bukit Mende

Entrance fee: 50,000idr/2 pax

The road leading here is treacherous with large sections of “broken” roads (unpaved and rocky paths full of potholes) winding along a mountainous route with only a small one-way lane, where even our driver had to seek local directions. Hard to find and dangerous to get to, do not attempt without a skilled driver.

We never found out what those leaves were for, though we guessed it might be for their roofing.

8. Campuhan Ridge

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Not sure if you can tell, but we came for sunrise. It was nonexistent. It’s supposed to be way more atmospheric with the sun’s rays but we didn’t get any with the thick clouds looming across the sky.

Pro tip: there’s a swing strung on a tree down this path 😉

9. Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

And here, it started to drizzle.

10. Jaens Spa

Reasonably priced, professional masseuses, and located in a peaceful environment. They have couple rooms!


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