Nusa Penida – 5 spots to visit

An island paradise just 30-45mins off the shores of Bali. It is relatively new to the wave of tourism, and much of Nusa Penida remains untouched wilderness; crystal clear waters swimming with manta rays and mola molas (sun fish), vast jungles and bumpy roads. We didn't do an underwater tour this time, but here's 5 spots on land we managed to visit in 2 days!

Top 5 Ubud eats

I much prefer the peace of Ubud to Seminyak, less jams. Well, less jams to get to my sustenance, what're you waiting for? Let's get right into it!

Bincho @ Hua Bee Mee Pok

Located within the old world charm of Tiong Bahru Estate, with it's fair share of hipster cafes and restaurants lies Unlisted Collection's duo purpose venture, Bincho; mee pok stall and coffee shop by day, and full Yakitori restaurant by night. Also the filming location for Mee Pok Man. Visit: March 20, 2018 Went for: [$3.50 … Continue reading Bincho @ Hua Bee Mee Pok

Watanabe Coffee

Visit: March 31, 2018 Price: $$ Went for: [$55.70] X4 cake sets at $11.80++ each (only available from 2:30 - 6pm) Watanabe Coffee is apparently the second branch from WA Cafe at Chinatown Point. Never having been to either, it was our first experience with their foods that day. There was a short wait when … Continue reading Watanabe Coffee